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"The Tango Between Science and STEM"

STEM Conference 2020

About STEM Conference 2020

STEM Conference 2020 aims to bring together educators and professionals from STEM disciplines to foster collaboration and share best teaching practices.


The two-day conference is organised by Science Centre Singapore and will be conducted on 5 to 6 November 2020.

The event will feature a mixture of presentations by local and international speakers who will share knowledge, experience and insight that will serve to inspire, benefit and empower.

ISEC 2021


The International Science Education Conference 2021 aims to provide a platform for intellectual dialogue on issues related to science education as we progressed further into the 21st Century. With increasing disruption by technology as well as alternative ways of examining science education, it is timely to re-look at existing valued practices of science education and science education research to better position ourselves beyond 2021. The use of 20/20 vision is deliberate to highlight the aspirations of many who have perfect vision and hence wisdom to make sense of current as well as further trends and needs in science education.

The overall theme of the ISEC-STEM Conferences is, “The Tango between Science and STEM”. It reflects a dance the S-T-E-M education researchers are immersed in as they crossover into interdisciplinary research.  Tango also encapsulates the synergy between Science and STEM as Science continues to play a prominent role in STEM education. 

One of the disruptions to science education as a field is the increasing emphasis on integrated STEM education. With science as the discipline that is currently dominant in integrated STEM, it is strategic that we position ISEC 2021 and STEM 2020 as two related conferences. This will encourage scholars from both fields to interact and develop synergies to move the knowledge forward. 

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