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ISEC 2021

Publishing a Book Chapter – By Invitation


Book editors:

Yann Shiou Ong, Timothy T. M. Tan, and Yew Jin Lee


Following every ISEC, we will publish an edited book comprising chapters based upon the work presented at the conference. Below is the book published out of ISEC 2018:


Science Education in the 21st Century: Re-searching Issues that Matter from Different Lenses

For ISEC 2021, we will be inviting selected authors who have presented at the ISEC 2021 conference to submit a manuscript (approximately 6,000 to 8,000 words) for the new edited book. Please note that the manuscript will be subjected to peer review. Only manuscripts accepted after peer review will be published.


Please also note that this edited book is different from the ISEC conference proceedings. You may be invited to contribute a chapter to the edited book regardless of whether you have submitted a manuscript to the conference proceedings. If both are submitted, authors have to ensure the originality of content i.e., no (self)-plagiarism of all submitted manuscripts as they will be subjected to plagiarism checks prior to publication.

The edited book is targeted to be published around end of 2022.

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