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Concurrent Session Sharing (40 minutes)

Each presentation is allocated 40 minutes, including 10 minutes of Q&A. The sharing could be presented by an individual or a team. Typically, two presentations are grouped together in a 90-minute session.


Workshop (3 hours)

Each workshop is allocated 3 hours, excluding a lunch break in between. The workshop could be conducted by an individual or a team. Workshop materials should be provided by the facilitators.




  1. STEM+: incorporating other elements into STEM (e.g. STEAM, STREAM)

  2. STEM Technopreneurship: nurturing the Entrepreneur Dare

  3. Desired STEM Mindset and Disposition

  4. Collaborations to enhance learning experiences


Please note that your abstract may be classified under a different sub-theme from the one that you have chosen.

ISEC 2021


Individual paper

The paper is presented by an individual author or co-authors. Three individual papers belonging to the same strand will be grouped together in one 60-minute concurrent session.


The symposium is presented by multiple authors or co-author groups. Each symposium comprises of: (a) 1 chairperson and 3 presenters, or (b) 2 presenters and 1 discussant. In addition to the abstracts for the individual presentations, the symposium proposal should include one 300-400-word summary describing the overall theme of the symposium and connections between the presentations. For a Symposium, please submit via email to

Details on the organisation of presentation formats and concurrent sessions for asynchronous viewing and synchronous interaction can be found on the Information for Presenters page.

Language of Presentation

All presentation and abstracts should be delivered and submitted in English.

Guidelines on Submission of Abstracts

The abstract should be between 250-300 words in length and include the goals of the study, methodology, findings and discussion, implications, and significance of the study.


The abstract will be reviewed based on the quality of the writing and research, and whether it is of interest to the ISEC audience.



Opening of submission of Abstract:

1 November 2019


Deadline for submission of Abstract:

14 April 2020


Email notification of acceptance or rejection:

By 30 April 2020


End of Early-bird Rate for Conference Registration:

15 July 2020


Presenter(s) must register and make payment for conference by 15 July 2020

ISEC 2021


Opening of submission of Abstract:

Now Closed

Deadline for submission of Abstract:

Now extended to 15 March 2021 

Email notification of acceptance or rejection:

From January 2020*

End of Early-bird Rate for Conference Registration:

Now extended to 15 April 2021

Presenter(s) must register and make payment for the conference by 30 April 2021**

Deadline for submission of Full Papers for Proceedings:

13 July 2021

*Email Notification of acceptance or rejection will be issued in phases, depending on when abstracts were submitted. Abstracts submitted: 

by 15 June 2020 will be notified by

1 August 2020 

by 15 July 2020 will be notified by

1 September 2020 

by 15 September 2020 will be notified by

1 October 2020

by 15 September 2020 will be notified by

1 November 2020

by 15 October 2020 will be notified by

1 December 2020

by 15 November 2020 will be notified by

1 January 2021

by 15 January 2021 will be notified by

1 February 2021

by 15 February 2021 will be notified by

28 February 2021

by 15 March 2021 will be notified by

30 March 2021 (new)

**Important Note: At least one author for every accepted paper, poster or symposium is required to register and make payment by 30 April 2021. Otherwise, your paper will be withdrawn from the conference.


Authors whose abstracts which are accepted for the conference must register for the conference for the abstracts to be published in Conference Programme.


Click on the link below to proceed to the portal where you would need to create an account. You will then be able to submit one or more abstracts for consideration.

Please note your password for future use. You can log into your account to check the status of your submission(s), and subsequently upload full papers for accepted abstracts. Your account will also be used when registering to attend the conference. 

Full paper submission for conference proceedings

Submitting Full Papers

Presenters of accepted abstracts may wish to submit a full paper for inclusion in the International Science Education Conference 2021 Proceedings which will be made available online after the conference. Only papers that have been presented at the conference will be included in The Proceedings. The Proceedings will be edited and published with an ISBN. The deadline for the submission of the full paper is 13 July 2021  (If you wish to be considered for the Best Paper Awards, deadline for submission is 30 April 2021, see below).

The manuscript should be 4000 to 6000 words in length and should be formatted following APA 6 guidelines. In addition to the manuscript (Word document), please include: (a) a cover letter stating the originality of the work and ethics clearance; (b) coverpage with the title, all authors’ details (position, affiliation, address, email, corresponding author); (c) authors’ biographies (about 100-150 words each); and (d) acknowledgments (if any). Manuscripts that do not meet the publication requirements will be returned to the authors. The full paper manuscript and its attachments should be uploaded using the same author account that submitted the abstract.

Download the full paper template (Word format)


ISEC-Springer Best Paper Awards

ISEC will be awarding two Best Paper Awards sponsored by Springer. Results of the award will be announced at the end of the conference. The recipients of the award will each receive a plaque (one plaque per award regardless of number of authors) and a book voucher (one voucher per award regardless of number of authors) up to 200 EUR in terms of value for any printed Springer or Palgrave book(s) (except for handbooks and major reference works such as encyclopedias).


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must have their abstract accepted for ISEC 2021, registered for the conference and have submitted their full paper online by 30 April 2021.

  • Award winners must present their papers online (synchronously) during the conference.


Papers Will Be Evaluated Using the Following Criteria

  • Relevance and significance of topic and research to the field

  • Clarity of research question

  • Thoroughness and quality of literature review

  • Appropriateness of methodology for study

  • Quality and completeness of analysis

  • Clarity and soundness of conclusions

  • Promotion of a continuing research agenda or improved professional practices

  • Overall quality demonstrating coherence and reasoning

  • Contribution to the cumulative knowledge base of the field

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